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  Jake J. Beaulieu, Tonya DelSontro, John A. Downing.

  Lakes and impoundments are an important source of methane (CH4), a potent greenhouse gas, to the atmosphere. A recent analysis shows aquatic productivity (i.e., eutrophication) is an important driver of CH4 emissions from lentic waters. Considering that aquatic productivity will increase over the next century due to climate change and a growing human population, a concomitant increase in aquatic CH4 emissions may occur. We simulate the eutrophication of lentic waters under scenarios of future nutrient loading to inland waters and show that enhanced eutrophication of lakes and impoundments will substantially increase CH4 emissions from these systems (+30–90%) over the next century. This increased CH4 emission has an atmospheric impact of 1.7–2.6 Pg C-CO2-eq y.1, which is equivalent to 18–33% of annual CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. Thus, it is not only important to limit eutrophication to preserve fragile water supplies, but also to avoid acceleration of climate change.

  (来源:Nature Communications, 2019,10:1375)